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Meet the Halo

Flashing Lights

Forget fairy dust, this trike leaves a trail of starlight! The Glo-Rider  shines bright with a dazzling halo light that flashes and sparkles with every pedal push. Imagine tiny heroes zipping through dusk, leaving a rainbow wake like mini superheroes. Watch their eyes widen as they weave through twilight streets, heads turning at the mesmerising glow. It's playtime magic on wheels, turning every ride into a luminous adventure. So ditch the bedtime lamp, and let the Glo-Rider light up their world, one pedal-powered sparkle at a time!

engine roars and singalong surprises

Fun Sounds

Not only does this trike bring the built-in soundtrack, but you can also DJ the adventure! It's USB compatible, so plug in your own playlist and let your little one cruise to their favourite tunes. Imagine the joy of blasting out "Baby Shark" on repeat (dads, earplugs advised!) or sending them zipping off to the dulcet tones of their favourite Disney soundtrack. Every journey becomes a personalised concert, blasting out smiles and sing-alongs wherever they roam. So crank up the volume, hit that play button, and let the mini motorcade roll to the rhythm of their choice!

Battery Powered

Forward & Reverse

Ditch the push, grab the grin! The Glo-Rider takes tiny drivers from tiny tots to zooming tykes with its zippy battery-powered magic. Watch faces light up as they master pedal power, cruising forward like fearless adventurers. But the fun doesn't stop there! With a simple switch, they're gliding in reverse, giggling all the way. It's a playground transformation - from conquering curbs to pirouetting in puddles, every twist and turn sparks endless possibilities. So buckle up for boundless joy - the Glo-Rider fuels playtime power, forward and back!

Buckle up!

Glo Riderz, the Trike That Rocks!

Forget boring old trikes!. Glo Riderz, the sonic spaceship of toddler tantrum tamers, the noisemaker that out-vrooms dad's lawnmower, the singalong sensation that puts on a better show than Humpty Dumpty himself. Brace yourself for a battery-powered masterpiece of sound and light that'll have your mini motorist zooming, crooning, and giggling their way to pure joy.