Lucky Dino

Unleash Imagination with Glo-Riderz: The Ultimate Kids Ride On Toy

Introducing Glo-Riderz by Lucky Dino, a breakthrough in the realm of kids ride on toys. Boasting an eye-catching design, groundbreaking features, and an unmatched fun factor, Glo-Riderz stand poised to redefine childhood play and exploration. Tailored for young explorers with a taste for adventure, this trike merges the excitement of movement with the enchantment of imagination, turning every ride into an extraordinary journey of discovery!


Glo-Riderz: Leading Kids Ride On Toys

Glo-Riderz go beyond the traditional ride on toy experience; they immerse your mini adventurer in a world of flashing lights that dazzle and dance with every turn, with thrilling revving sounds that echo the heartbeats of adventure. What’s more, the option to play your own soundtrack transforms each ride into a vibrant concert, catering to your mini maestro’s every musical whim!

Free from the limitations of manual pedal power, the Glo-Rider gifts your little racer the thrill of solo exploration. Its battery-powered motor, featuring forward and reverse gears, enables them to steer their own course of adventure - from back garden escapades to indoor expeditions!

Built from high-grade PVC-ABS plastic and reinforced with a sturdy steel frame, Glo-Riderz are crafted with durability in mind. We guarantee a secure riding experience, ensuring that the fun remains uninterrupted by safety concerns. With gentle speeds and responsive controls, it’s an ideal companion for toddlers aged 3-5, offering both safety and fun in one complete package.

Featuring the vibrant options of Iceberg Blue or Cotton Candy Pink, Glo-Riderz are as visually striking as they are entertaining. Their dynamic lights and bold colours make sure that they stand out from other kids ride on toys, sparking a new level of joy and excitement in every child seeing them for the first time!

Engineered to deliver the best playtime experience, Glo-Riderz boast a maximum travel distance of 4-5 miles on a single charge. Rest assured, their carefully calculated speed limit of 2mph makes for a fun, yet safe adventure for your little ones.

A Gateway to Adventure

Glo-Riderz reimagine the essence of kids ride on toys. They go beyond travelling from A to B, filling every outing with stories, laughter, play, and memories. This trike motivates children to put down any digital distractions in favour of independence and creativity!

Imagine look of joy in your child's eyes as they discover the world around them, with the Glo-Rider serving as their trusty steed! More than just a vehicle, it’s an instrument of adventure, a channel for creativity, and a spark for outdoor exploration. With its unmatched combination of features, the Glo-Rider delivers a stellar playtime experience that’s truly unique in its ability to delight and engage.


Customer Testimonials

The Glo Rider is flashy and fun, which is exactly what I was looking for. My little one is still getting the hang of the pedals, but he loves cruising around with the motor and light show. Only downside - wish the battery life lasted a tad longer!

We bought the Glo Rider for our granddaughter's second birthday. It's a bit big for her right now, but she enjoys scooting around with it unpowered for now. The sounds are a bit much for indoors, but these can be adjusted with the handy control panel to suit any environment. Perfect for outside play. Looking forward to seeing her zoom around on it when she grows a bit!

My son is obsessed with his Glo Rider! He calls it his 'light-up spaceship.' It's definitely a head-turner at the park

Embrace the Adventure with Glo-Riderz

Priced at £127.99, Glo-Riderz stand as proof of successful development through play. Our products offer a safe, thrilling, and imaginative way for your children to explore their surroundings, and beyond!

If you’re looking for a toy that radiates safety, fun, and a sprinkle of magic, your search ends with Glo-Riderz. They transcend the conventional, and will undoubtedly be a favourite companion in your child's outdoor quests. So join us on a journey of magical exploration now, and let the stories unfold!