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Discover the Thrill of Glo-Riderz: The Electric Dream for Kids

Step into the future of play with Glo-Riderz from Lucky Dino, the mobile marvel that's reshaping what kids electric cars can be. In a world where imagination meets motion, the Glo-Rider offers your child an electrifying ride that's bound to spark joy, ignite adventure, and open a gateway to boundless fun. Designed with careful attention to detail, this trike marries fun and function seamlessly, offering a ride that's as thrilling as it is safe!

Taking Kids Electric Cars to Magical Heights

The Glo-Rider revolutionises the concept of kids electric cars with its foot-operated power and handy forward and reverse gears. Powered by a rechargeable battery, it promises up to 90 minutes of continuous adventure, ensuring every ride is packed with unforgettable moments and endless exploration!

Equipped with dazzling halo lights, the Glo-Rider transforms every outing into a spectacular light show. As your little one zooms through the streets, they'll not only be the centre of attention, but they’ll also pave the way for imaginative adventures, making every trip a magical experience.

The Glo-Rider doesn’t just provide a ride, so much as a musical journey. With the option to plug in a personal playlist, this trike provides an exciting soundtrack to your mini maestro’s playtime. Whether cruising to the latest hits or the roaring revving sounds, every trip is an epic quest waiting to unfold.

Beyond its electric prowess, the Glo-Rider features a sturdy design made from high-quality PVC-ABS plastic and a solid steel frame. This ensures that your little driver enjoys their electric ride without any compromise on safety or durability, blending high performance with cool visuals!

Made specifically for toddlers aged 3-5, with a maximum speed of 2mph, the Glo-Rider strikes the perfect balance between excitement and safety. It represents the ideal entry into the world of electric cars for kids, offering the joy of driving with none of the risks, building a sense of independence and confidence with every ride.

More Than Just Kids Electric Cars

The Glo-Rider stands out for its innovative design, fun factor, and ability to create childhood wonder among kids electric cars. It's built to inspire, entertain, and engage children in active play, helping to develop coordination and motor skills while delivering endless fun! The trike's unique features, such as its eye-popping lights and sounds, not only make playtime ten times better, but also encourage physical activity, creativity, and pure imagination!

Imagine the bubbling excitement as your child sets out on their Glo-Rider adventures, becoming the envy of every kid in the road. This isn't just a ride; it's a complete package that merges the thrill of driving with the magic of childhood! With its charming design and trailblazing features, the Glo-Rider is an essential companion for any young explorer eager to conquer new horizons!


Customer Testimonials

"My 4-year-old son is obsessed with his Glo Rider Trike! It's the perfect balance between a regular trike and a toy car."

"We bought the Glo-Rider for our son's 5th birthday, and it's been a huge hit! It's sturdy enough for him to ride for years to come. He loves the easy controls and the fun sound effects."

"The Glo Rider is a lot of trike for the price. My daughter loves riding it, and the lights are a big hit. However, it's a bit on the bulky side and takes up a lot of storage space."

Electrify Your Child's Playtime

We invite you to step into the future with Glo-Riderz, a leap forward in the realm of kids electric cars. Priced at £127.99, this trike offers fantastic value, marrying solid safety features with endless good times. It represents a smart investment in your child’s development and adventurous spirit - a gateway to memories that’ll last a lifetime.

So seize the opportunity to give your child the ride of their dreams. With Glo-Riderz, exciting illumination, uplifting music, and sheer joy awaits! Shop now and ignite the spark of electric adventure, filling playtime with laughter, excitement and wonder!