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Welcome to the World of Glo-Riderz: The Ultimate Kids Trike 

Embark on a magical journey with Lucky Dino Toys' Glo-Riderz - where every ride transforms into an enchanting adventure beyond the realms of your imagination! Designed with the little adventurers at heart, Glo-Riderz are not just any old kids trike; they’re a doorway to a world brimming with imagination, boundless joy, and endless fun. With their dazzling colours and shiny lights, Glo-Riderz is here to illuminate your child’s playtime like never before - making every moment truly memorable.


Standing Out in the World of Kids Trikes

Available in Cotton Candy Pink and Iceberg Blue, these trikes are designed to match your little one’s vibrant personality perfectly. The bold colours and sleek design make Glo-Riderz a real head-turner, ensuring your child shines brightly during their outdoor antics! Witness their excitement as they choose the colour that speaks to them, transforming their ride into a statement of style.

Glo-Riderz aren’t just about mobility; they’re an experience of light and pure magic! With a halo light that flashes and sparkles with every pedal push, intrepid riders will leave a trail of starlight behind, hypnotising onlookers and sparking imagination. It's like riding through a fairy tale, where your child is the hero of their own luminous adventure, casting spells of light wherever they turn.

Transform every ride into a moving concert with the Glo-Rider’s USB and Aux compatibility. From the latest pop hits to timeless Disney soundtracks, your child can cruise to their favourite tunes, making every journey a joyous singalong! Imagine the delight as they become the DJ of their adventures, creating a soundtrack that makes their heart sing and their rides unforgettable!

Embrace the future of play with this zippy, battery-powered trike. Engineered for little hands and feet, Glo-Riderz offer effortless navigation with both forward and reverse gears. Watch as your child's confidence soars, nailing the art of movement and direction, while relishing in the thrill of riding all on their own!

Carefully crafted from robust PVC and ABS plastic with a sturdy steel frame, Glo-Riderz are designed to endure the wear and tear of playful adventures. This dynamic trike pairs safety with style, providing parents with peace of mind while offering kids endless fun. It's the perfect blend of durability and elegance, guaranteeing a safe and stylish ride every time.

With thoughtful features tailored to toddlers aged 3-5 years, the Glo-Rider is the perfect companion to grow with your child. Its compact dimensions and gentle 2mph maximum speed ensure a comfortable, secure, and utterly enjoyable ride every time, fostering a love for exploration and adventure!

Beyond Just a Ride

The Glo-Rider is more than just a kids trike; it’s a vessel for adventure and beacon of imagination. Whether navigating mystical lands in a garden quest or enjoying a relaxing cruise down the street, the Glo-Rider brings a new level of excitement to every journey. Its enchanting lights and fun sounds encourage children to take a break from screens, engaging in the physical play and exploration that's essential for their development.

Imagine the joy as your child discovers the freedom of zipping around on their new trike! The thrill of music, and the enchantment of lights all in one extraordinary ride. The Glo-Rider isn't just a toy; it's a memory maker, a smile creator, and a one-way ticket to a joy-filled childhood.


Customer Testimonials

My toddler is obsessed with his Glo Roider! The light-up halo makes nighttime scooting around the driveway so much fun, and the sound effects keep him entertained.

This trike is perfect for showing off! The halo lights up beautifully and the sounds are fun. My daughter has mastered riding it in no time, and it's been a great confidence booster.

My kid wouldn't stop talking about "the glowy trike". The Glo Roider is fantastic! It's sturdy, easy to use, and the light-up halo makes him look like a little astronaut riding around. The sounds are a bit much sometimes, but he loves them, and they keep him entertained

Ready to Illuminate Your Child's World?

At Lucky Dino Toys, we're dedicated to enriching every child's life with joy and adventure. The Glo-Rider kids trike stands as proof of our mission, combining unparalleled fun, reliable safety, and boundless creativity in one unique package. Priced at £127.99, it’s an investment in your child's happiness, development, and imagination.

Don't let this magical opportunity pass you by. Light up your child's playtime with Glo-Riderz, and watch as they embark on luminous adventures they'll cherish forever. Shop now and join the Lucky Dino family, where playtime is always glowing with wonder and excitement. Your child's next big adventure starts here!